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WI-FMX is comprised of the hardest working, bravest individuals to ever get the stunt man bug. With the heart of the operation being a farm in the heart of Wisconsin where at an early age the idea that hard work yields rewards was implanted.

Combining new age, portable ramps with the work ethic of farm life bears one of the most entertaining thrill act performances to ever hit the industry. The gap is set at 75 feet and a plethora of apparatus and humans are hurled across the sky to the excitement of thousands.

From large rodeos to monster trucks, WI-FMX has created a perfect half time performance. Our specialty lies in Grandstand performances and stand alone shows. We fill timeslots between 30 minutes to 90 minutes and will leave a lasting impression to any audience.

Give us a call now to find out more on booking a show.

Call Us (920) 427-2991

Cody Cavanaugh
President and CEO

From Neenah, WI. Born 2/5/81 Riding for 13 yrs. Rides a Honda 450 or Yamaha YFZ 450r and favorite trick...

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Ed Rossi
Rocket Ship Rossi

From Kenosha, WI. Born 8/23/81 Riding for 13 yrs. Ridea a Yamaha YZ 250 and favorite trick is a Rock...

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Charles Bush

From Milwaukee, WI. Born 11/11/90 Riding for 7 yrs. Ridea a Kawasaki 450r or Yamaha YFZ 450r and favorite trick...

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Joshua Mertens

From Little Chute, WI. Born 6/24/86 Riding for 5 yrs. Ridea a Yamaha YFZ 450r quad and favorite trick is...

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Mike Kieper

From Neenah, WI. Born 12/7/80 Riding for 7 yrs. Ridea a Yamaha 450 and favorite trick is a Whip. When...

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Need more info? You can get in touch with us any time you want.
Address: 3910 Fairview Rd. Neenah, WI Email: Phone: 920.427.2991
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